My Blue Tongue Skink!
I haven't been on Livejournal in a while, and for a lot of reasons. I've been super busy, and not many people even read my posts. xD hahah. So it wasn't like this huge deal to update.
But if anybody is intrested, a couple months back. I got another reptile. If anybody knows, I do own two Bearded dragons, and since I'm a huge lover for these creatures. I wanted another pet, because I'm greedy! He's name is Dorian, and he is so adorable! He's such a great pet to have around!


I hate people.
I left my phone at the movies, ugh. stupid me. But somebody took it, and wouldn't give it back. Called me, spoke in spanish and then laughed. They also turned it off, so I couldn't locate it. Fuck, I wanted to find them and give them a piece of my mind. I seriously hate people. So I disconnected my phone so they couldn't do shit with it. Now I have to get a new one, I just got that phone two weeks ago.

This year already been fucking stressful, now I have this to bother me.

My Dragon Misha!
I got another Bearded Dragon around 2 weeks ago, I named him Misha. haha. Yes Misha Collins inspirded the name for me. But that wasn't the main reason I named him that. It's hard to tell the gender of a Bearded Dragon till they are a bit older, and Misha works for a Boy or Girl. Luckily I found his age very early when I took him to the vet for his first check up. Isn't he adorable! haha. He's a very good model as well! Though my Female Dragon Jordy is a year older than him, he doesn't like her all that much. :/ But hopefully when he is a lot older they can actually be in the same room with each other.

Behind the Scenes of Supernatural Season 9: A Fan’s Perspective

I LOVE the humor these guys have!

Simon/Alisha|Find A Way

HD recommended.
I haven't watched the first 3 season of the British show "Misfits" in a couple of years, and decided to re-watch it again, because I love it! I remember how much I love Simon and Alisha, and I never had the chance to make a video about them, so this was born!

I had so much fun with it, and editing these cuties. Such a sad and heartbreaking story for these two, but ugh so fucking beautifulll!
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"You don't need to bother.."

HD Recommend.

fuck, I really needed this.
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SPN Meme

1. Sam, just always related to him the most.

2. Lucifer and Gabriel.

3. Meg, and I'm really loving Demon!Dean.

4. Yellow eyed demon!

5. Season 1, its still just gives me that feeling when I first got into SPN!

6. Swan Song, god. Just such a powerful and emotional episode.

7. Dean/Sam and Sam/Castiel

8. Lucifer!

9. Ruby 2, and seriously can't stand the actress too! Just something about her makes her so annoying!

10. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Richard Speight Jr.

11. The whole Scene at the end of episode 10 "Heaven and Hell" Jensen did such an amazing job and just seeing Dean like that broke my heart!
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Crowley stop being SAM!
I'm cool with Crowley, I actually love the guy. I get why him and Dean are all hanging out now since Dean is a demon. But when Crowley called Dean a "Jerk" and Dean responded "Bitch" I got fucking mad. That was always my favorite thing about Sam and Dean, and it was rarely shown! and it hasn't been showen in a long time and it's comes back without Sammy! fucking pisssssed. Dean be looking fineee though, that fucking hair cut, I'm in love.

"You will say yes."
Even though this is a 2 year old video, it's still one of my favorite videos I have made.
Season 5 has always been a powerful season to me, and I always wanted to make a video that foces on Sam and Dean being the Vessel for Lucifer and Micheal

Multifandom|Everybody Wants To Rule The World|13 Year Anniversary!

HD Recommended.
Still can't believe it's been 13 Years since I've been editing.
I don't plan on stopping soon, so here goes another year!


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